Talks & Downloads

A range of talks given by Paula that are freely available on the internet.




A series of six Bible studies based on the TV series Broken starring Sean Bean

click here to access the folder containing .pdfs of the files


Talks given at St Paul’s Cathedral

A Series of Talks Introducing Various New Testament Books for the St John’s Timeline project

A Talk given at the World Assembly of Bible Societies, Philadelphia, 2016

Four brief reflections for Bible Society (and associated bible studies) on how we might respond to refugeesĀ 

A Talk given at Greenbelt (2015)

Two Talks on Discipleship for the clergy of the Sheffield (CofE) Diocese (sound not great!)

Some brief reflections on reading the Bible for the Lyfe project

Listen to God: Hear the Poor (2014)


A Series of Talks on Heaven given in Winchester in 2011 based on my book Heaven

A Series of Conversations between Paula Gooder and Bishop Graham Kings about the Bible and other stuff